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“Beetlejuice” mentioned in 1.16, 2.08, and then in 3.05. Beetlejuice is summoned when you say his name 3 times.

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"I genuinely liked Big Bang Theory in the beginning but it has slowly become a mediocre jumble of stereotypical sitcom situations and nerdy-but-not so-nerdy-that-the-average-joe-won’t-understand pop culture one liners for cheap laughs. It plays off the trend that nerdiness has gone mainstream and yet has abandoned it’s once core audience for the canned laughter enjoying zombies that suck away ratings from quality television because it actually requires an attention span.
I’m sorry. That was a little harsh, I admit. I’m just tired of well scripted, well acted, thoughtful, intelligent, and thoroughly heartwarming shows like Community and Arrested Development getting the boot because modern America doesn’t want to think. They want to see overly tanned New Jersey-ians get in bar fights, and played out sitcom plots repeat themselves under different names and cast lists. Community and AD both do something that I see few shows attempting in this day and age: They present a group of flawed and realistic characters who, despite cynicism and mismatched views and burnt banana stands, come together as a family. Not because they feel obligated despite deep seated hatred, but because they can accept those disputes and flaws due to the genuine human connection between them.
Optimism and true wit has been lost not only in our entertainment but in our society and that both saddens and frightens me. As sardonic as I am, I am not without hope.

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Jeff: Nine out of ten lies occur six inches away from the bathroom mirror.

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"Here’s a slightly less scientific but immediately present factor that makes me see very clearly that Community’s story is not over: you guys are fucking nuts, in the best way possible. And you are beautiful and kind and honest. And there is a magic emanating from you. You are in lockstep with a universal rhythm, here. You put our show on the cover of TV Guide BEFORE any of this was going down. It looks from a distance like we got yanked and THEN there was this pity party of clicking on that poll to make some point, but that is not what happened, I was there the whole time watching."
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NBC Thursday Promo for Dec. 8th, 2011.

Features sneak peek to episode 3.10 “Regional Holiday Music”, as well as new Parks and Recreation, The Office, Whitney and Fear Factor. 

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December 2, 2011 8:47 am